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Trade Shows and Events Guide Part Two: Amplify Your Voice with Powerful Print Materials

February 21, 2024

Printed marketing materials like one-pagers are valuable tools for sharing key takeaways, especially for those who did not attend the event. Part one explored how compelling displays and promotional products can transform your trade show or event into a powerful moment that connects your brand to people. But when the trade show or event ends, what’s left in your visitor’s hand must extend the moment’s impact. A sticker on a phone case or water bottle can create a community and become a personal touchpoint, inviting people to revisit your brand at their own pace.

Your conversations and connections at a trade show or event are embers that need nurturing to burn into a long-lasting relationship. One-pagers, brochures, and rack cards act as kindling, sparking attendees’ memories of your time together and your brand’s value propositions. 

Marketing Materials that Spice Up Your Sales Game

Every good salesperson knows when to push harder and when to back off. Printed Marketing materials like brochures, business cards, flyers, postcards, and rack cards are a great way to continue the discussion after the conversation has ended. These take-home items allow your visitors to explore the information on their own time and with other decision-makers. These items should represent your brand in quality and design to ensure the discussion doesn’t end there! 

Sharp Mill Graphics is not just a vendor. As your trusted partner in commercial printing, promotional products, and corporate signage with 20 years of experience, you can rest assured that your brand is in good hands. As a certified diverse business, we’re dedicated to driving impact within communities and championing inclusivity in every aspect of operations, helping you reach your supplier diversity goals. 

Make an impact in the community with vinyl banners sponsoring local events, showcasing your company values with pride, or use weather-resistant banners to promote your messaging or direct visitors in any environment. Fleet vehicle wraps transform your company cars and trucks into moving billboards, raising brand awareness and increasing brand loyalty, expanding your reach into new geographical areas. These are just two large-format printing options available from Sharp Mill Graphics. 

Decals, Stickers, and Labels – Oh My!

Often used interchangeably, these three solutions provide big results, and Sharp Mill is your stickiness specialist. Decals are weather-proof, offering durability, standing up to almost any environment, and are ideal for long-term branding and product information. Keep the lines of communication open with strategically placed decals. 

Labels serve as a source of product information, including ingredients, instructions, and warnings, but they are generally less durable than decals. Proper labeling of trade show materials and equipment helps maintain order and simplifies the packing and shipping of trade show booths and supplies.

Tech audiences and user communities love stickers, slapping them on anything from water bottles to laptops and cases. Create an inner circle of product evangelists or beta testers with one-of-a-kind brand stickers that pop. 

Sharp Mill Graphics helps you showcase your brand message in bold strokes, with stickers becoming mini billboards and information labels becoming brand ambassadors, placing your company at the top of everyone’s mind.

Trade shows and events are an opportunity to connect with a larger audience to propel your company to the next level. The right trade show display, promotional products, and printed marketing materials will elevate your brand to new heights, leaving your competition in the dust.

Don’t just advertise, market, and promote; unleash the power of visual communication – let us show you the Sharp Mill Graphics difference today.

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