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Multi-Surface Branding, Simplified.

Our belt has the tools to make your job easier, save time, solve problems, and help your company look sharp at every angle and on every surface.

Sharp Mill Graphics has over two decades of branding management expertise with a deep knowledge of helping medium and large-sized companies in the greater Chicago area and nationwide implement a cohesive brand identity across multiple surfaces with our large format printing, promotional products, and corporate signage solutions. We are passionate about ensuring each project has a consistent look and feel that reflects your company’s brand values, messaging, personality, and target audience.

Let's work together

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Project Management

We wear multiple hats to manage your online company stores, branded merchandise, large format printing, and corporate signage programs effectively and efficiently.

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Company Stores

Streamline your corporate gifting, employee apparel programs, and more with our flexible online company store platform to simplify processes and reduce costs.

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Creative Design

Our creative team works with you to create stunning visuals designed for production and displayed in the real world across multiple surfaces.

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Sharp Mill has the know-how to manage the production and fabrication process for all your print, promo, and signage projects on surfaces of any shape, size, or material.

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Sharp Mill Graphics ensures that all your multi-surface branding projects are packaged with care and delivered on time.

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We manage your signage and graphics installation programs, displaying your branding elements for the world to see and contributing to your company's success.

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Let's Talk Branding

Reach out to talk about your project ideas or anything print, promo, and signs.