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Why Your Company Logo and Graphics Must be Vector Images

Whether you’re designing a new logo and branding graphics for a new company or redesigning your old images, there’s one essential element that must be adhered to — your logo must be designed and saved as a vector image. To anyone without a background in graphic design, the words “vector image” might not mean much. But to us in the design and graphics printing business they are an absolute must to produce the very best in logo reproduction.

What is a vector image?

Simply explained, a vector image uses mathematical formulas, not pixels, to create the lines, shapes and curves of your logo. These lines, shapes and curves are then filled with colors, gradients blends and tints.  Because these elements are connected via mathematical formulas, vector images can be scaled to literally any size without quality loss. You can cut it, print it, embroider it, CNC route it, laser cut it, put it on a billboard — the possibilities are endless. Vector file types include .ai, .eps, .pdf. They can be created in Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.

Image types that won’t scale

The alternative to vector images are raster images. Instead of mathematical formulas used to create the completed design, raster images use small dots of color, or pixels. Often referred to as bitmap images, raster images lose reproduction quality when they are scaled. That loss of quality can lead to loss of detail, blurred images and dulling of sharp edges. Raster file types are .jpg, .tiff and .gif.  The most commonly used programs used to create raster images are Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Paint and Corel Painter.

Other benefits of vector over raster

In addition to the ability to scale a vector image without concern for quality loss, there a couple of other benefits. Vector files are much smaller than their raster counterparts.  Because raster images are made up of tens of thousands of pixels, that’s more information that needs to be stored in the file.

If need be, vector images can easily be converted to raster images. However, raster images can’t be quickly converted to vector images. If your company’s logo only exists as a raster image, you will likely experience some difficulty having it converted to a vector given its low quality.

The experienced designers and brand managers at Sharp Mill Graphics would be happy to work on a new brand identity for your business that would include a vector logo designed to incorporate on any business items, including business cards, business signs, vehicle graphics, embroidery and printed paper materials.

At Sharp Mill we view upgrading your business image as an investment — not a cost. A professional image makes your business more professional and credible. Professionally designed and printed business graphics will give your business a competitive advantage for years to come.

Contact Sharp Mill today to get your business brand on the right track!

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