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How to Create the Right Logo for Your Business

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For any new business, establishing a brand is one of the most important tasks to complete as you prepare to open your doors. And one of the most important steps to establishing a brand is developing a logo.

For most small business owners, designing a logo seems like a pretty big hill to climb. However, it’s essential to get it right because a great logo will help you establish brand loyalty, identity and create a professional look. If you think about all your favorite brands, their logo comes immediately to mind.

While it’s certainly possible to create your own logo, it’s probably a job that’s better left to professionals with experience in brand creation and management.  But before spending money on a graphic designer, take some time to write down what it is you’re trying to convey with your logo and what you want it to say about your business.

If you can articulate those ideas, a graphic designer will have a good place to start when developing your logo, which is just one piece of your business’ overall brand identity.

Next, spend some time working on our handy logo creation checklist:

Consider only vector images

To be able to properly print your logo on any surface and at any size, it’s essential that you have a vector image. A vector image uses mathematical formulas, not pixels, to create the lines, shapes and colors of your logo. Vector images can be scaled to literally any size without losing quality. You can cut it, print it, embroider it, CNC route it, laser cut it, put it on a billboard — the possibilities are endless Vector file types include .ai, .eps, .pdf. If your graphic designer doesn’t offer you a vector image designed in Adobe Illustrator, that’s not a good sign.

Consider your competition

Look at what other companies in your industry are doing. While it’s important to learn some lessons from competitor logos, you’ll want yours to standout from the rest, so don’t be afraid to make a bold and creative statement.

Consider logo placement

Chances are you’re going to want your logo to appear in many different places. Whether it’s on an outdoor business sign or on your vehicle, you will want to ensure your logo looks good on all applications.

Consider your business name

Chances are you will want your business name to appear in your logo. If so, the name of your business should be a careful consideration when it comes to your logo. Don’t officially name your business without first thinking of how it will impact any future logo design.

Consider long-term design

Making your logo too trendy can run the risk of out-dating it within just a few years. You’ll want your logo to be able to withstand the test of time and last for decades. If changes are needed in the future, complete them gradually over time so as not to risk disruptions to your company’s brand awareness.

Consider color

Keeping the number of colors to a minimum will save you money over time. While multi-color logos sure are pretty to look at, reproducing those logos in all their brilliant glory will increase costs when it comes to printing it on just about any surface.

Consider protection

Once you’ve created a great logo for your company, be sure to protect it with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. If not, you won’t be protected from anyone who may come along and try to use your logo for their own benefit.

Chicago Business Logo Design

If you’re staring a business and you have no idea where to even begin with logo design, Chicago graphic design company Sharp Mill Graphics can help. Our in-house professional graphic designers have created logos for many clients.

Whether you come to us with nothing in mind, or have an idea you need, our designers will work with you to take those ideas and visually communicate them to your target audience. Once we complete your logo design, Sharp Mill will then work hand in hand with you on all your other business sign needs.

At Sharp Mill we approach every project with large-scale output & production in mind, from concept to completion. Contact us today for your logo design, business sign and vehicle fleet graphic needs.

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