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How to Hire the Right Vehicle Fleet Graphics Company

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As one of Chicago’s most highly rated vehicle fleet graphics shops, we take a lot of time talking to business owners about how to hire the right company to complete the very important task of branding their vehicles. In our line of work, there is a very low margin for error, and making one small mistake can lead to big setbacks in time and budget.

That’s why it’s important to hire a local company that employs only the most qualified designers, printers and installers in the vehicle fleet graphics profession. We’ve heard too many horror stories of fly-by-night operations that have taken advantage of their clients by providing either a low quality product or shoddy workmanship.

As a business owner or marketing professional, we know it’s important for you to hire the right company the first time. So, we thought it might be a good idea to provide you with some questions to ask any company that wants to complete your next vehicle fleet graphics job.

Do you have a portfolio of past jobs?

Any reputable company that’s been in business for a while should be ready, willing and able to provide you with a full portfolio of past vehicle fleet graphic jobs. Make sure the photos are genuine though, and not just photos grabbed from online sources. It also might be wise to call a few of the companies shown in the portfolio and ask them about their experience.

Do you have a team of graphic designers, or do you outsource the design work?

This might not seem that important, but when it comes to fleet graphics it’s essential to work closely with a local designer who understands the complexities of fleet graphics. There is also a lot of communication that is required during the design process, and subcontracting the design work off-site will only make that communication more difficult and time consuming.

Do you fabricate onsite?

Again, outsourcing the fabrication of your vehicle fleet graphics is a really bad idea for many reasons. The No. 1 reason being quality control. If your graphics company is sending out their fabrication work, that means their top concern is cutting costs and not high quality vehicle graphics. At Sharp Mill, we fabricate your graphics onsite to the exact specifications of the design and vehicle. We don’t cut corners and make it until it’s right.

Do you use cast or calendered vinyl?

This may seem like an answer you may not need to know the answer to, but it’s actually very important in the vehicle fleet graphics industry. Generally we only use high-performance cast vinyl and overlaminates for vehicle graphics because everything we do is for long-term use and needs to last as long as possible.  All long-term printed graphics get a protective top layer of clear laminate that serves a couple purposes — it helps protect the print from scratches, includes UV properties to help prevent the print from fading, and extends the life of the vinyl. At Sharp Mill we only use the very best materials from manufacturers 3M and Orafol.

Do  you understand my company’s branding message?

If you’re asking your graphics company to design your vehicle fleet graphics, it’s pretty important that they understand your brand message. If they don’t spend any time getting to know your brand, how can they create the perfect message?

Do you need to know the year, make, model of our vehicles?

Obviously, if you’re having entire vehicles wrapped, this is a standard question. However, if you’re only covering a portion of the vehicle, it’s still important for the entire graphics team to be aware of the exact vehicle specification for every job. If your graphics company says something like,”Oh no. It’s such a small job, we can do it without knowing vehicle information”, that’s a great big red flag.

About Chicago Vehicle Graphics Company Sharp Mill Graphics

At Sharp Mill Graphics we are dedicated to providing only the top quality vehicle fleet graphics for small, medium and large size businesses. Whether your company has just a few vehicles or an entire fleet of hundreds, Sharp Mill can handle the job. We design and fabricate all our graphics onsite and our professional team of installers highly qualified. Contact us today to get your company’s branding message noticed on the streets!

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