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5 Reasons Professional Signs and Graphics are A Must for Your Business

As a business owner, you have a lot of important decisions to make when it comes to your marketing budget and strategy. Instead of trying a little of everything when it comes to advertising, and hoping that something sticks, it’s best to go straight for marketing that has proven to be effective. Professional signs and graphics tie your brand together, help you stick out from the crowd, and bring in new business all at the same time. Here are five reasons your business needs professionally designed and printed signs and graphics:

Signs and Graphics Create a Cohesive, Recognizable Brand

One of the biggest goals of any strategic marketing campaign is to ensure your business stands out from the competition, and one of the best ways to accomplish this is to create a brand that customers recognize. By having professional graphics and signs designed and printed, you are building a brand that customers will notice, recognize, and begin to trust. When deciding between two businesses, customers are much more likely to opt for the brand they recognize.

Well-Designed Signs and Graphics Make You Look Professional

What’s even worse than a lack of signage and graphics for your business? Graphics and signs that look cheap and poorly designed. If prospective customers think you skimped and didn’t pay attention to detail when creating your graphics and signs, they may assume you also cut corners with your products or services. Professional, well-designed, high quality signs and graphics help your business look polished and credible, which makes you much more appealing to prospective customers. They also help get new customers in the door- in fact, a whopping 76% of customers say they’ve gone into a new business simply because a well-designed sign drew them in.

Professionals Help You Get The Right Mix of Products

Your business is unique and needs the best mix of graphics and sign products for your specific marketing needs. Depending on the demographic you are trying to reach, you may decide on professional vehicle decals to catch the eye of passing motorists, an attention-grabbing, aesthetically pleasing dimensional sign for your physical location, window decals that include your website and QR code, charming sandwich boards for the sidewalk, event posters, or most likely a combination of these products. A professional signs and graphics business will help you create the most effective campaign so you only end up with the design products you actually need.

Graphics Help Connect Online with Brick and Mortar

These days, a savvy marketing strategy for any business should incorporate online messaging into your brick and mortar business advertising. Professional signs and graphics help make your business recognizable and trustworthy to prospective customers, but also give you a chance to advertise and connect in-person customers with your web presence. Signs, car decals, and other graphics and signs can easily incorporate your website address, social media handles, and even a QR code that tech-savvy customers can scan with their smartphones. This type of marketing strategy creates harmony between your brick and mortar and online marketing, creating a more cohesive presence in the mind of potential customers.

Signs and Graphics are Long-Lasting

The right signs and graphics are cost-effective because they are a one-time marketing cost that bring results for months and years to come. By investing in professional, high quality signs and graphics, you won’t have to worry about your visual marketing products quickly deteriorating or fading like you would with cheaper products. And unlike some other forms of advertising, like SEO and radio ads, you don’t have to constantly spend more money to continue getting effective results and solid ROI.

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